Friday, December 31, 2010


I saw these adorable "Ball Drop" cupcakes on and thought they were sooooo flippin' original and creative that I could NOT resist giving them a try!!!
I had my favorite baking friend come over and heres how they look!!!
Happy New Year to everyone! 
My wish is that 2011 is an amazing year for all!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Need a quickie last minute gift idea??

Don't we ALL have that one person (or 5 haha) on our list that we just DON'T know what to buy and really....don't want to spend a lot of money for??!!  
I have the perfect idea!! Why not purchase some of these cute little cupcake ornaments?!  Its a gift that can be enjoyed year after year and c'mon...who doesn't love a cupcake? 
I only have 7 left and am selling them for $3.00 individually, $5.00 for two or $9.00 for a set of 4!
They fit perfectly into those cute little Chinese to-go-boxes from Michael's Craft Store (they're only a buck!)
Here's a few pics of the yummy treats that are hand crafted by yours truly!!

 These are "mini" cupcakes...not full/standard size.

Thanks for checking out the blog and

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rum and Eggnog Cupcakes!!

These aren't the kind you drink, but the kind you devour!
Rum and Eggnog cupcakes baked to perfection, lightly brushed with rum butter, frosted with a creamy eggnog frosting and lightly dusted with cinnamon! YOWZA!
So let me just be honest...I am not a fan of eggnog at ALL, but after several requests and inquiries I decided to get a recipe together...and they are!
My house was filled with the amazing smells of nutmeg and rum and I WAS kind of interested in giving them a I did!  I have to admit, they were very good but very dense and rich!  I made them into minis and not only did they cook better, but they were just the perfect amount!

 I was asked to donate my cupcakes to the teachers of our local middle school for their holiday goodie baskets!! I hope they enjoy!!! We LOVE our teachers!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Women's Christmas Dessert!

I had the privlidge of providing cupcakes for this amazing event at our local church!  There were so many goodies and it was a great time with friends!!
Thought I'd share a few photos!

Mini Peanut Butter Bliss Cupcakes!!

Mini Snickerdoodles

The Dessert Table...before it got completely raided!

My platter of Mini Snickerdoodles and Mini Lemons!! YUM!

Oh sooo good...

Mini Peppermint Hot Chocolates!! These have been a huge hit!!

And is what the table looked like 130 women later!!

....I think next year...we'll have 2 tables! Haha
What a fun night!! Can't wait until next year! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scrumptious Snickerdoodle Cupcakes!!

These are awesome!!
 If you love Snickerdoodle cookies, you will love these cupcakes just as much (maybe more! )
This is a classic Snickerdoodle cake topped with a cinnamon kissed cream cheese frosting with a dusting of a cinnamon and sugar blend on top! 

These are simple, delicious and comforting!! 
One of these little gems paired with a cup of hot coco
while sitting by the fire sounds like the ultimate combination!

The Holidays are upon us...order yours today!! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good enough to eat!!!

Seriously...I love this time of year!  It brings out the craftiness in me! 
But...I can't take ALL of the credit for this one! I saw this idea online and decided to give it a try! 
Look how CUTE these are (Im sorry to say...but these turned out way cuter than the ones I saw)!!
I originally made them for my daughters teachers as a small gift, but decided that they are a really cute idea for customers and friends too!! 

They make me giddy!!

 Who knew I could get this excited for FAKE capcakes! haha
Hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Umm...The word Chocolate is an Understatement!!

Tried a new chocolate frosting recipe and it is AAAAHHHHHHH-MAZING!!  I added a secret ingredient that make you go hhmmm??!!  It enhances the richness of the chocolate and really completes this frosting!! I am super excited to debut this one!

Get yours today!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh yesss...the Holidays are HERE!!

Signed up for my very first Holiday Boutique and had a blast with my girlfriend who sells her Hair Doodles (
Since this WAS a Holiday Boutique, I knew I had to create some kind of a Christmas-y flavor!
So here's what I came up with.  A "hot chocolate" cupcake generously topped with peppermint frosting, a sprinkle of hot coco powder on top and some crushed peppermint candy!! 
Results: WOWZA!!  Not only did they SMELL amazing, but they got glowing reviews!!
Order yours today!!  =)
 Aren't they beautiful!!!
I'm thinking these would look GREAT at Starbucks...*wink*  DREAM BIG!!!

Party Time!

Had a blast making cupcakes for a 30th Birthday Party at a local resturant!!  The order called for Red Velvet cupcakes with hot pink frosting...polka dots and sprinkles!  I really love doing the diplays too!  I'm ready to get more elaborate! I was bummed that I forgot my camera, but thank you Natalie for taking pictures for me!!!  =)

Friday, October 29, 2010

No Tricks here...just TREATS!

Ok, so Halloween isn't really my favorite holiday,
 but I had a lot of fun making these for some customers and I think they turned out super boo-licious!!
(Did I just say that??!! haha)

Not too scary, just cute!
 I love these sprinkles with the purple frosting!

Mini cuppies....cute, fun and virtually guilt free! *wink*

New Flavor ALERT!!
Rich Chocolate Cake with...are you ready for this??!!
Cinnamon Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting!!

 I know it sounds "busy" but I promise you...its soooooo soooo amazing!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!! 

P.S....I just took my first dozen cupcakes to a local store/gas station.  One of those "Quick Stop" kinda stores that has lots of goodies to choose from!!! If all goes well, I hope to possibly REPLACE those pre-packaged muffins and cakes that have disgustingly longgg shelf lives! haha

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mini Cuppie Love!

Just a few snapshots of my minis!! 
Red Velvet

 And Lemon!

Halloween Cupcakes coming soon.......

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Peanut Butter Perfection!

This recipe is beyond perfect! The creamy peanut butter frosting is divine! My daughter said that she "wished that her toothpaste tasted like this!"  I don't know if I would take it THAT far, but I DO know that these fudgy chocolate cupcakes, topped with fluffy peanut butter frosting, a drizzle of chocolate and crushed Reece's is literally a party in your mouth!!

This one was without the extra drizzle of chocolate per my husbands request!
 Ohhh...and who can forget the little surprise in the middle!
Yes...more peanut butter via a miniature Reece's cup!! need a gallon of milk to wash this little puppy down!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

This is really what I was meant to do in life....

First big party was a great success!!! I worked hard to make a good first impression
(You only get one chance, right!!?!)
Below are some pictures of the cupcakes I made and will continue to be offering!

Pumpkin Spice Cupcake with Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Frosting and a Marzipan pumpkin on top!! Yessss people...I made these lil pumpkins by hand...and I'm pretty proud of them!

Look how cute it is...and teeny tiny!!
The whole family...

Incredibly decedent S'mores Cupcakes. (before frosting)
 Toasted marshmallow frosting...YUM!

Luscious Red Velvets!!  Always a hit!

Bright Tart Lemon cake with Lemon Cream Cheese frosting and topped with
homemade candied Lemon zest! How many times can I say LEMON in a sentence?! haha

These Tye-Dye cupcakes were a lot of fun to make...AND eat!!

Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes filled with fudge or marshmallow fluff topped with frosting, a drizzle of chocolate, sprinkles and a cherry!!  These are always very popular!!

Here they all are..naked!! This was before the real love fest started!!
 ...and after the love....

Finally....on display for all to enjoy!!
I make these pedestle displays! Aren't they cute!

These were a blast to make and gave me great persepctive on the work that goes into this business!!!
I can say with 100% confidence that I found my heart song and I LOVE what I do!! recipes and posts coming this week!!