Sunday, January 16, 2011

18th Birthday Suprise Party!!

I loved doing this job-9 dozen for an 18th birthday party!! be 18 again!! But, thats another posting LOL.
 I was asked to to make my tie-dye cupcakes and they turned out pretty awesome if DO say-so myself!! Haha...they are one of my favorites to make!
I also made Ice Cream Sundae cupcakes and Lemon.  All 3 flavors are super popular at parties!
Below are a few snap shots of the cupcakes!!

Lemons...all ready to roll out!
 You scream, I scream.....
 We ALLLL scream for ICE CREAM (but ice cream involved actually...just an illusion LOL)

Let the Tie-Dye'ing begin....
These are what they look like fresh outta the oven! Colorful!!
                OMG...the frosting was soooooo much fun!!! My colors turned out so vibrant and beautiful!
                                Tell me you dont want to taste THAT rainbow!!??!!  YUMMM

         Packed up and ready to go!!! P.S...These carrying cases rock and yesss...they're gettin' WORKED!!!
I had a BLAST doing this job!! I put in some crazy long hours to ensure they were perfect and when I get that all important feedback from my means the world to me!!
Thank you Lisa for your business and I am sooooo glad your party was a hit!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vanilla Lime Coconut....can you dig it??!!

Again...this flavor makes me think of summer...and Pina Coladas, and Mojitos...and...ohh sorry!! This is a cupcake blog...not a cocktail blog! Ha!
Rich, moist dense vanilla cake topped with a super tart fresh lime
buttercream frosting and sprinkled with shredded coconut and a lime zest!
This cupcake is knock your socks off good!!!


All snug and ready for their pink box journey!!

 My mouth is watering...

I know its hard to see the little paper wrappers, but they were lime green and white gingham print...SOOO cuteee and sooo matchy matchy!! Love it!

I know its winter...but Strawberry was calling my name!

So, I know this is more of a "summery" kind of flavor, but all this cold wet weather makes me THINK about summer...thus inspiring me to make a Strawberry Cupcake!!
Strawberry cake filled with chunks of real strawberries (yes folks...I found fresh strawberries in January!)
The frosting is a strawberry infused buttercream with, again, yummy bites of real strawberry!
They are pink, cute and delicious...Pinkalicious!

Mocha Madness!!

What better way to start your day or even finish your day than with a rich 
Mocha cupcake!! Its bursting with flavor AND caffeine!!!  YUM!
Dark chocolate cake with a REAL espresso buttercream frosting topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean!!  Its smooth, creamy and simply delicious!!
Get yours TODAY!!
 C' KNOW you want some....