Monday, June 6, 2011

Lots of YUM!!

Once again...its been beyond forever since my last post.  To say life has been busy is an understatement.  I have been up a lot of different things's a few pics!!

Amazing fluffy, chewy, crunchy and sweet Coconut Macaroons!!

                I have been working on a "few" fondant flowers in my "spare time"  Whaddya think!!?

                             I loved making these Mothers Day Daffodil Cake Pops!!  Soooo cute!
                                              Cake Truffles....another Mothers Day Treat!!

                            ...and who doesn't LOVE Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!!!  YUM!

                                   AArrrrgggghhh---some bloody pirate be turnin' 4!!  Aye-Matey! 
                I think my pirate talk ended up sounding more like a British Accent!! I'll work on that...
                  Ok, cut me some was 3am and I was trying to re-create the caterpillar face
                                                  for a cute little girls 1st Birthday!!
                                                          Not too bad, right??!!!  =)

             Shrek Birthday!!!! What better way to celebrate than with dirty wormy cupcakes!!! 
                                                                         Love it!!

                                Little Nate's Baptism Cupcakes!!  Sweet, simple and elegant!!

                                      Baby Shower Cake Pop Favors!!!  Aren't these sweet?!!

                          I made some Cake Pop Bouquets for an event at our local Wine Store!!!
                                                        Perfect Pairing with the vino!!
                                        These turned out beautiful and elegant!! Go ME!! LOL

                              Are you sensing a trend???!!! Cake Pops are WILDLY popular!
                                               Woooo...loving this custom purple color!!

                                         Raspberries and Champagne Cupcake!!  Yes, please!!
                       Strawberries and Cream Whoopie Pies!! Yowza!! These were delicious!!

             Did you just turn 10??!!  Then you would LOVE these Mini Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes!!
                              True will love them even if you just turned 100!!
                                                       How fun are these 2 bite baby's!?!!

                                                     Its officially Graduation Season!!
                  What 4 year old twin girls wouldn't love to have these at their party!?!!  So colorful!

              I LOVE love love German Chocolate Cake-and these cupcakes are the perfect
                                                                       sweet treat!! 
                                        Rich, Chewy, Oooey, get where I'm going...

                   LETS GO GIIIAANNNTTSS!!!  I love my boys in Orange and Black!!  I offer these
                                 Cake Pop Bouquets in any color, theme or team that you desire!!
                              Yeah yeah yeah...I'll even do the stinky Dodger colors too!! hahaha
                                                   Customized Bottle Cap Included!!

Ok, that was an overwhelming quickly update!!!  Thank soooo much for checking out my work!  Please visit my Facebook Page and "LIKE" me for frequent updates and pictures!!