Sunday, September 19, 2010

Does this make me sound crazy??!

So, this is me...a stay at home wife and mother...30 years young with a witty and hilarious 4 year old daughter and an adorable and spunky 6 month old son!  My husband works hard to keep our heads above water and suddenly I'm flooded, smacked, woken up night after night with more ideas than I can wrap my brain around!  I've been feeling like I'm being being pulled in 10 different directions with only a select few things making any sense whatsoever!  (Hence the quickly vetoed underwater basket weaving idea at 3am)
After lots of prayer and mental pep talks, I have decided to pursue my In-Home Day Care License and am going out on a limb to create girls hair accessories AND start a cupcake business!!!  I mean, who doesn't like hair pretties and sinful sweets, right!?   The core of who I am tells me that this is a no when it feels THIS right, how can it be WRONG?! 
My immediate family is largely made up of entrepreneurs and I feel as though I am finally catching up!
I intend to use this blog to not only share my trials, tribulations and celebrations of life, but also to share with you my creative and culinary accomplishments and failures!  Its long overdue that I finally earn my black belt at this thing we call LIFE!

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